About ETI

The Emerging Technologies Institute was founded in 2021 to provide leadership, bolster public awareness and create independent, reliable research about the technologies critical to our nation's economy and national defense. Staffed by researchers and subject matter experts and backed by a preeminent advisory board, ETI focuses on the modernization priorities that integrate cutting-edge technological advancements in the private sector with the DOD’s future warfighting needs.

Technologies are evolving at the most rapid pace in history, and America needs to adapt in order to secure our future success. Unlike the past, most of these technologies will emerge and be developed in the private sector, and then be applied to our national defense. As a country we must encourage their development; as a national security community we must embrace and adopt them to deter or win the conflicts of the future.

Unlike other organizations, ETI bridges the gap between industry and DOD by brokering collaborative partnerships, serving as a convening authority, and democratizing access to expertise and unique insights to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

As part of a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization, ETI provides the leadership outside the government to bring together government, industry innovators, academia, investors, and the American public in pursuit of economic integration, defense modernization, and technological primacy.

The private sector and warfighters can best work in tandem when they understand each other's needs and capabilities. For leaders in government, an organization like ETI can help determine priorities, pursue smart risks, evaluate viability, set standards and maintain focus. Outside of government, ETI can help industry leaders develop technologies well-suited to the acquisition process and help the brightest minds deliver new ideas to key stakeholders.

The research staff and leadership at ETI are among our nation's leading experts on the technologies in question. Gathered together around a common mission, they are an invaluable resource for maintaining American prosperity and economic and military supremacy in the 21st century.