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The Hon. Erik Raven

The Hon. Erik Raven

Under Secretary of the Navy, U.S. Navy
United States
The Honorable Erik K. Raven assumed the responsibilities of theUnder Secretary of the Navy on 13 April, 2022. He serves as theDepartment of Navy’s Chief Operating Offi cer and ChiefManagement Offi cer. He is responsible for providing oversight andpolicy for defense and naval strategy, intelligence and intelligence-related activities, sensitive activities, special access programs, spaceactivities, critical infrastructure, small business programs, and thenaval audit service. Additionally, he is responsible for businessoperations, performance management, and risk management withinthe Department. Mr. Raven has served in a variety of legislative senior leadershippositions in the federal government. Before his nomination, Mr. Raven was the principal advisor tothe Democratic Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Committee on Appropriations and Subcommitteeon Defense on budget matters relating to the Department of Defense and intelligence community. Mr. Raven also served as a principal advisor in the offi ces of Senators Feinstein, Kennedy, andByrd, advising on defense, foreign affairs, homeland security, veterans, space, and transportationpolicy issues. Mr. Raven holds a master’s degree in the History of International Relations from the LondonSchool of Economics, and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Connecticut College.